Dinghy sling system attached to 30’ Back Cove holding a 9’ inflatable boat.  Inflatable was installed on swim platform edge and with both pivot adjustment straps connected to one cleat to allow clear access from dock to transom center door.  By changing just one strap to the other corner cleat you are ready to take your cruise knowing the dinghy is securely fastened and ready in a moments notice.


Now with 3 Colors to choose from WHITE, BLACK or NAVY BLUE !

Now you can take inflatable boats, row boats, kayaks SUP’s and Towable water craft on your cruise securely and affordably, without taking up precious deck or bow space and without permanent fixtures to your vessel or dinghy.


· 360 degree integrated floatation to resist floating under vessel.

· Longer and Stronger straps for wider beams on larger vessels.

· Specially made high strength, stiffer webbing made only for our company in USA.

· Strong, Portable, Lightweight, UV resistant with all marine grade materials.

· Easy lifting and lowering with quick deployment for emergency situations.

· Dinghy can be stored vertical, horizontal or at any angle you choose so as not to inhibit view.

· Can prevent man overboard situations where the dinghy could catch you.

· Works on Sailboats and Power boats with or without a swim platform.

· Works on the sides of docks to keep walkway clear and dinghy free from bottom growth.

· Will carry Kayaks, towable water craft and Inflatable's even with small outboard motors. (2-8Hp 2 stokes recommended)

· No Drilling, Bolting, Gluing or permanent modifications to your boats. No more cracks in fiberglass!

· Keeps your tender out of water to prevent algae growth and drag on vessel.

· Helps in maneuvering in tight harbors where towing would not be possible.

· Helps reduce chance of theft of dinghy or kayak while up in sling.

Testing has shown reduced engine exhaust noise on deck and keeps you drier from splashing in following seas since inflatable rests snugly against transom.

1 person operation.





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38’ Carver SS—Owner removed roll on davit system for this system!