Pictures of Dinghy sling DAVIT system

Below are some pictures of the New and Improved Davit Sling along with the older style sling (with Red / White Floats) showing basic functionality. Sling floats behind your boat ready to accept your dinghy. Will not sink or interfere with propellers. Easy to set up and use.

Dinghy Sling Deployed—Ready to accept Dinghy

Dinghy Rowed or Motored over sling and secured.

Dinghy sling ready to pick up Kayak on side of bow. 

Kayak lifted and secured to boat. Kayak does not move.

Engine noise reduced & going 40 knots!

Side view  of Dinghy secured on a 37’ Tartan. Can prevent man overboard situation!


Rear view of Dinghy sling system. Can be deployed in 30 sec. in case of emergency.

More pictures to come!

Dinghy Sling holding a 10’ Zodiac with 9.9 HP 2 stroke engine and a 75 lb. Yellow Lab! This shows the strength of the system in place.

Note: It is not advised to put people or pets in the boat while in sling!

26’ Wellcraft Martinique with a 10’ Inflatable and a 9.9 HP 2 stroke.  Maximum recommended engine size to put in sling.  4 strokes are not designed for tilting on side.

35 Tiara Sovran in Panama

28 Bayliner—Sydney harbor

45 Beneteau

Cruiser—Perth Australia

43’ Albin Trawler with RIB

21’ Rogue with 8’ Inflatable

31’ Catalina

32’ Rinker

Dinghy and 4HP 2 Stroke

31 Sea Ray w/ RIB with 9.9 Hp 4 stroke. Sling in Horizontal position and utilize pool noodles to protect fiberglass from scratching.

30’ Mainship with dinghy vertical for storage at dock.

5’ Towable secured from moving while underway.

Walker Bay on a 408 Meridian

32’ Catalina with 9’ Inflatable

35’ Tiara Sovereign

36 Monterey SS with outboard

33 Monterey SS with outboard

30 Catalina

Side View of 38 Carver SS (home page) with 6 hp 4 stroke outboard

25’ Sea Ray

30’ Sea Ray with outboard

40’ Meridian

Porta bote on trawler

40’ Bayliner with 10’ Dinghy


Dinghy at 45 degree angle using older sling system with buoys.